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Q: Why I keep getting service error when I’m using GSheet plugin?

Please make sure your browser is only linked with one Google account. It is a known issue for Google add-ons caused by multi-account logged in. You can verify this by clicking the profile picture on the top right. You would see multiple accounts in the list if you got multiple accounts. Unfortunately, to solve this problem, you have to remove all other associated accounts linked with this browser.

Q: Can I query/join multiple tables at one time?

A Actable AI datasource can only be a single table or a view. When working with tables, the solution would be to materialize a table that contains all the fields needed for your analysis, most likely through some scheduled batch process.

A view is a simple logical layer that abstract an arbitrary SQL queries as a virtual table. This can allow you to join and union multiple tables, and to apply some transformation using arbitrary SQL expressions. The limitation there is your database performance as Actable AI effectively will run a query on top of your query (view). A good practice may be to limit yourself to joining your main large table to one or many small tables only, and avoid using GROUP BY when possible as Actable AI will do its own GROUP BY and doing the work twice might slow down performance.

Q: How BIG can my data source be?

It can be gigantic! The main criteria is whether your database can execute queries and return results in a time frame that is acceptable to your users. Many distributed databases out there can execute queries that scan through terabytes in an interactive fashion.

Q: Can I upload and analyse csv data?

Yes, using the Upload CSV button. This brings up a form that allows you to specify required information. After creating the table from CSV, you will see it under the table list. For more specific instruction, please check Upload New Data.

Q: Why are my queries timing out?

There are many reasons to cause long query timing out.

  • For running long query from SQL Lab, by default Actable AI allows it to run for 6 hours before being killed by celery.
  • Actable AI is running on web server, which may time out web requests.

Q: I get an error saying “Can’t de-correlate <factual> from <correlation target>”, what should I do?

This could be because the factual you selected to de-correlate it too much correlated with the target, so the de-correlation resample fails.

Q: Can I close my browser window during analytics runs?

Yes ! You can close your browser window during an analytics run. Your analytics will be saved automatically in the Analytics tab list.